Google Applied Computing Series

Students in computer class

Google logoAs part of a collaborative partnership with Google, Hollins University is offering a new Applied Computing Series, an initiative that is designed to increase undergraduate access to computer and data science education by leveraging new technologies and teaching techniques. 

“Through hands-on learning and faculty-supported collaborative project work, students from all majors will have the opportunity to gain practical know-how in programming languages and learn how to make data-informed decisions in their chosen fields of study.”

Julie Clark
Associate Professor
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

What You’ll Learn

By participating in the two semester-long applied computing courses, you will:

  • Learn about computer and data science and develop skills that can be applied to your own field of study
  • Gain hands-on experience formulating problems, thinking creatively about solutions, and expressing those solutions clearly and accurately
  • Collaborate on team projects to design, implement, test, and analyze algorithms and programs
  • Work on real-world datasets using a combination of procedural and basic machine learning algorithms
  • Learn to ask good, exploratory questions and develop metrics to implement a well-designed analysis
  • Hear from Google engineers about their careers in the tech industry, including working environments, challenges, successes, and opportunities

“As organizations across industries rely on data to inform strategic decisions and remain competitive, professionals with expertise in applied computing, data analysis, and machine learning will have virtually limitless career opportunities.”

Steve Wassell
Associate Professor and Chair
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Want to know more?

Professors Julie Clark and Steve Wassell are happy to answer your questions.

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