Your Career Path Has Begun!

Career preparation at Hollins takes on many different forms—internships, workshops, and everything in between. It’s these experiences that give our students the confidence and perspective to put their professional lives in motion. Whether you pursue a career in the boardroom, classroom, or lab, you’ll leave here as a leader.

A career is an accumulation of skills, knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and expertise you gain through a series of roles (including jobs) that you have over time and within multiple contexts. It’s something we construct socially and mentally on a continuous basis. You are already developing your career! In fact, you always have been, but now it’s becoming clearer and socially expected. For example, your time at Hollins will be your undergraduate career during which you develop a wide array of competencies, areas of knowledge, and social networks. Campus employment, internships, classes, and research: It’s all adding to your development. 


The CDLD staff is ready and eager to support, advise, and connect you with resources as you develop your career path!

Jeffrey White
CDLD Director

Amber Becke
Associate Director

Your Career Preparation Journey at Hollins

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