Tuition & Fees

While a quality education is invaluable, we know the sticker prices of private colleges can be daunting. To make Hollins affordable, we offer extensive scholarships, grants and financial assistance that are customized to the needs and achievements of our students. You’ll be pleased to know that the scholarship and grant money averaged $35,871 per student for the 2022-23 incoming class.

The annual tuition and fees before scholarships, grants, and financial aid are:

(14-22 credit hours)
Room and Meals
(double room1 and 19 meals per week)
Student Fees
(Technology, Green, and Student Government)
1A single room costs an additional $1,150 per year.

Most students at Hollins are enrolled full-time. Students who enroll part-time are charged $1,296 per credit hour and $460 in student fees.

Front Quad in Fall

More Tuition & Fee Details

Your remaining balance, minus your financial aid, will be due by August 10 for fall semester and by January 10 for spring semester.

Payment Schedule

Due August 10, 2023*$28,830.00 (less applicable deposit)$21,130.00 (less applicable deposit)
Due January 10, 2024$28,830.00$21,130.00
*Students are required to pay tuition and fees in full or have approved financial aid for any outstanding balance by these dates. Students will not be admitted or allowed to return to campus until all outstanding balances are paid in full.