Campus life at Hollins is a world unto itself.

On our grounds, you are in a community of people like you. People who love to invent and create, to take advantage
of events and opportunities. People who celebrate the creative expression of others. Here, you’re free to be who you are.

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“Alumnae have gone out into the world and done incredible work, and then they get to come back and bring that love of Hollins… For students, that truly has an impact.”

anna johnson

“Communication and a lot of other skills I have learned are directly transferable – they don’t have to be translated to fit into education because they are a natural part of education.”

te'ya mitchell

“This is where I have had the most experiences, where I’ve been myself the most. I’ve been challenged, and I’ve challenged myself. It all happened here. It all happened at Hollins.”

Aditi Sharma

Campus Life

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Campus Life

Hollins days are filled with events and traditions that bring together community and friends, making every day a great one.

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Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a book reading catalyst, or an art scene connoisseur, you’ll have an opportunity to explore whatever suits you.

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Student Success

You have aspirations and goals. We exist to support them. Learn how our programs help you realize your best self.

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students eating together
Students on Front Quad - Student Life - Campus Life Community Tab
Campus Life - Student Success Tab - Undergraduate Research - Ecuador
Graduate Experience

Grow with an inspiring community.

It’s not just our nationally ranked co-educational programs that bring people from all walks of life to Hollins. It’s the opportunity to engage with involved faculty and collaborate with a community of students whose intellect is matched by their desire to pursue progress and personal growth.

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We push hard, play hard, and perform at our peak.

Whether on the field or in the stands, we have a history of coming together to support our teams. We are competitors committed to each other and dedicated to teamwork, tradition, and the pursuit of athletic pride.

Tradition is the core of who we are.

Ours is a world of beloved tradition, finding many ways to connect to the women who’ve come before us and the women to come after. All of our traditions invite us to come together, to laugh, and to create memories we’ll share for lifetimes.

Our student services set you up for success