Build your community

Hollins fosters a sense of community among creatives and big thinkers, with most of our students living in residence housing on campus. It’s a chance to fill your world and surround yourself with people who get you: your goals, your ambition, and your creativity. Because they share the same drive, and we’re all here to support each other in pursuing our purpose.

Residence Halls

Love where you live on campus

Hollins has multiple housing options where your peers become neighbors you can learn with, grow with, and build lifelong bonds with.

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Student Apartment Village
Student Village

Explore the Student Village

The Student Apartment Village is the newest addition to the Hollins residential options, offering a more home-like, neighborhood community environment for upperclass students.

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Life at Hollins is something different.

Steeped in history and set against the backdrop of Virginia’s rolling hills, the Hollins campus lends its own beauty and vibrancy to the full-time student resident experience. Live where you learn and take in all that Hollins and its surrounding area has to offer.