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A liberal arts education at Hollins is more than just a list of classes you take to earn a degree. From our newly redesigned “Core” program (core curriculum) through our senior thesis option, our approach is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to succeed when you graduate so you’re prepared for whatever comes next. We offer programs that will challenge you to think deeply and critically while exploring new perspectives and discovering what really drives you.

“The difference between humanities majors and science majors, in median income and unemployment, seems to be no more than the difference between residents of Virginia and North Carolina.”

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"The liberal arts have taught me to understand, not just observe; to be fair, not opinionated; to think holistically, intuitively, playfully, and inductively; to think randomly as well as linearly; to be unafraid of ambiguity, newness, and novelty; to take intellectual risk; to seek to answer questions and then to question the answers; and never to let a conclusion be the place I just got tired of thinking."

"America’s higher education system was founded on the liberal arts and the widespread understanding that mass access to art, culture, language and science was essential if America was to thrive."

Shakirra Payne-Felder ‘25 wanted to immerse herself in both English and environmental studies. She was delighted to discover she could pursue a double major in those fields. “Hollins encourages you to combine things if you are really interested in them. I reached out to my advisor and she said, ‘This is an amazing combination, and I will support you through it 110%. Let’s make this happen.’”

Shakirra Payne-Felder

Graduate ready for your next move

Starting your first year, we offer career preparation programs to give you a jump start on your future.