Column headings identifies cost of attendance based on student status, separating costs of (1) full-time residential students, (2) full-time commuter (non-residential) students, and (3) part-time students.

Fees apply to traditional undergraduate residential and Horizon students.Fees apply to non-residential full-time day and full-time Horizon students. (14 – 22.00 hours)Fees apply to part-time day and part-time Horizon students.
Tuition$42,600$42,600$1,331 (per credit and Short Term Only credit)
Food & Housing$15,800
Meals are counted in this fee, which includes 19 meals per week. Three per day Monday-Friday; two per day Saturday-Sunday.
Student Government Association Fee$300 per year$300 per year$150 per year
Technology Fee$650 per year$650 per year$325 per year
Green Fee$10 per year$10 per year$10 per year
One-Time Orientation Fee$300 (first-year students only – billed in the fall term)
Mailbox Fee $70 (residential students only)
Comprehensive Fee$59,360
Single room extra charge$1,200
First term only (with or without Short Term)$29,680$21,780
Second term only (with or without Short Term)$29,680$21,780
Deposit (nonrefundable)$400$200$200

This nonrefundable deposit declares a residential student’s intent to enroll for the coming full term. Due within two weeks of notification of decision for new students (early January for early decision, May 1 for others); due April 1 for returning students. The deposit will be credited toward the student’s account.

Other Estimated Indirect Expenses

Books and supplies, transportation, and personal components of the estimated cost of attendance and indirect costs are variable, out-of-pocket expenses that are not included on the student’s billing statement. These amounts will vary by student. NOTE: the column headings have changed from above and below identify indirect expenses for (1) full-time residential students, (2) commuter students not living at home, and (3) commuter students living at home.

Food and Housingincluded above$16,720$4,620
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses$1,260$1,260$1,260

Payment Schedule

Due August 12, 2024*$29,680 (less applicable deposit)$21,780 (less applicable deposit)
Due January 10, 2025*$29,680$21,780
*Students are required to pay tuition and fees in full or have approved financial aid for any outstanding balance by these dates. Students will not be admitted or allowed to return to campus until all outstanding balances are paid in full.

View Undergraduate Catalog (PDF) for special fees.

The tuition fee for traditional undergraduate residential, full-time day, and full-time Horizon students covers up to 22 credits per academic term. Students must have the permission of the dean of academic services to carry fewer than 14 or more than 18 credits in any term.

Additional credits approved by the dean of academic success and taken beyond 22 credits per term will be charged at the rate of $1,331 per credit.