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The Core Competencies That Define Your Career Readiness (wheel diagram)

Our university takes great pride in the diversity and quality of our student body. Graduates from Hollins University are equipped with Core Career Competencies to make a significant impact in their chosen fields and enter the workforce with confidence. Employers consistently praise our students for their exceptional communication and critical thinking abilities, as well as their aptitude for working in diverse teams.

Our liberal arts curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education and a broad range of knowledge and skills, making them prepared for any career path they choose. With expertise in their chosen fields and a broad range of knowledge and skills, our graduates are ready to apply the ten Core Career Competencies as they launch their careers.

When you hire a graduate from Hollins University, you are hiring an individual who will make a positive contribution to your organization. Our graduates are skilled, adaptable, and ready to succeed in any role they take on. Join us in discovering the many benefits of hiring a Hollins University graduate today.

Host Interns

Internships are high impact experiences for students that offer real benefits to employers. Incorporating meaningful and thoughtfully designed internship experiences will pay dividends in building a strong organization with a diverse workforce.

Hollins offers students the opportunity to engage in internships during the academic semesters, January Term, and summer. An internship is a supervised practical experience with an organization that provides students with the opportunity to explore, ask questions, and solve problems. It equips students with specific skills, introduces them to the workplace, and allows them to measure their abilities against professional demands.

Make Hollins Your Talent Pipeline

Hollins is dedicated to connecting students to employers and opportunities. On-campus recruiting is an essential part of this mission. Not only does it allow employers to build relationships with Hollins and our students, but it also provides students with valuable experience in networking and discovering new career paths and industries. In addition to benefiting our students, on-campus recruiting also provides employers with a valuable opportunity to promote their brand and attract talented individuals to their organization. By building relationships with Hollins and our students, employers can create a pipeline of talented professionals who are well-prepared to enter the workforce.

  • We can help you set up a recruiting event with students.
  • Set up a table in our student center during lunch or dinner
  • Meet with students for recruitment interviews or individual appointments


The CDLD staff is ready and eager to support, advise, and connect you with resources as you develop your career path!



Hollins Employer Internship Guide (PDF)
Reference this guide to learn more about types of internships, developing a description, hiring and supervising a Hollins intern.

Post a job or internship opportunity. New to Handshake? View this helpful Employer Quick-Start Guide (PDF)!

Hollins Statement to Third-Party Recruiters (PDF)

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