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Hollins is proud to offer an inspiring and immersive studio art program. You’ll study and make art in the Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center, which offers space for drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, and photography. All senior studio art majors have their own studio on the top floor. You’ll learn in small classes from visionary professors and in workshops conducted by accomplished artists-in-residence. Studio art majors show their work in the annual senior exhibition in the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, also housed within the Wetherill Visual Arts Center.

Each year, our artist-in-residence program brings to campus a nationally recognized artist who produces work and teaches a special seminar. The program honors Frances Niederer, a beloved art historian who taught for many years at Hollins.


Studio Art Major

Studio art majors wishing to practice art or enter art-related fields, students will master skills in a variety of media, culminating in a yearlong senior project resulting in an exhibition.

Studio Art Minor

A minor gives you the chance to diversify your art in about half the time of the major program.

Arts Management Certificate Program

This certificate in arts management connects your major in one of the arts with career interests in various fields of arts management. You’ll take courses in business and communication studies, complete two internships in an area of arts management, and create a final project. You can meet the certificate in arts management requirements through prudent choices in your general education courses and electives without adding to your total credit hours. Contact us today to begin the process of earning your certificate in arts management.

“We have rich critiques where my peers gave insight I’d never thought of. That has been really fulfilling and validating as an artist.”

Katrina Dodge

[I paint] with hyper-realistic qualities. As I pull emotion from the static images, I intensify them by using dramatic lighting and enhancing specific parts of my face, like my eyes or the curves of my mouth. I enjoy realistic painting and connecting different emotions to my portraits. My art then evolves into more than just replicating the facts that I see.

Arts Organizations at Hollins

Arts Association – a weekly gathering of painters, writers, photographers, actors, printmakers, and the like, interested in sharing their work and contributing to the Hollins art scene.
Near East Fine Arts (NEFA) houses students who have an interest in the arts.

Art Installation

Program Faculty

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