B.A., Minor

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In the classroom and in the workplace, Hollins students mean business. Housed in the Department of Economics and Business, we teach our business degree students to use every part of their creative and critical minds to reflect on real-world challenges.

Major Concentrations

General Business

Understand and analyze the core ideas of marketing and finance.


Learn in-depth tools for effective money management and accounting.

International Business

Learn to make deals and manage companies outside the United States.


Students learn how to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to start and operate a small business.


Business Minor

A business minor focuses 24 credits on business basics and small-scale economics. The minor also requires one internship.

International Business Minor

Centering on global economics, the minor omits foreign language requirements and requires one internship.

Internships are required and guaranteed for business majors.

I cherish the encouragement I’ve received received from my professors at Hollins, especially Assistant Professor of Business Lucas Long and Associate Professor of Economics Pablo Hernandez. I just always feel very supported. That’s the thing about this campus, I feel like I can do more because I have the support here.

Ashleigh Clyde

The moment I first stepped on campus, it felt like home. When I heard about the connections you make with the professors and alumnae, that put everything in place for me. I don’t think I’d be where I am, or who I am, today if I went somewhere else. I’m just really thankful to Hollins for giving me so many opportunities and helping me pursue things I’m so passionate about.

Hanna DeVarona

"My business professors at Hollins were generous with their time in helping me to evaluate business programs in relationship to my career goals. My professors also gave me detailed recommendations that led to scholarships. Overall, the Hollins community was incredibly supportive of my goals."

“During my sophomore year, I had an internship with Prehype in NYC and also BarkBox. I was able to learn marketing strategies, the basics of coding, and the ins and outs of every major department (marketing, sales, etc.). My junior and senior years were filled with exciting business classes, where I was able to apply my minor in psychology to the new business concepts I was learning. I am so thankful for the many opportunities the Hollins business department has given me!”

Grace Davis

“I’ve been so fortunate at Hollins in terms of how everything has set me up and prepared me for taking the next step. I don’t think a lot of other schools can say to its students, ‘Whatever you want to do, we’ll figure out a way to make it work.’"

Charlotte Rose

London Summer Internship

Seven-week internships in a variety of fields, including business, management, law, media, public relations, marketing, and many others.