Communication Studies

B.A., Minor

single-paper-background Communication Studies

The communication studies degree is both broad and deep. Students learn about communication processes in a wide variety of contexts. They get to know professors in small, relaxed classes, and professors get to know students and their interests. Course projects and activities are designed with those interests in mind.


Communication Studies Major

Working with their advisor, students tailor their major to prepare for professional or graduate school. Or, they pursue careers in media, organizational communication, public relations, or another field with a communications degree in hand.

Communication Studies Minor

Students wishing to integrate communication skills into their major discipline and profession will benefit greatly from this option. The minor requires five courses and will give you a firm foundation in communication.

Internships are required and guaranteed for communication studies majors.

"I was specifically looking for opportunities for communication studies majors. When I saw Peace Boat US on the list of available signature internships, it seemed like an interesting organization. I just want to see the world and learn from people in a conscious way, and that’s something this internship has really helped me to see. Listing this internship on my résumé will be good."

Jonea Mathis

"Hollins’ outstanding communication studies program was a large part of what brought me to Hollins. The department not only provided an exceptional education from extraordinary professors, but also offered the opportunity to enhance my skills outside the classroom through January term internships."

"The internship [with Estée Lauder] helped open doors and place me in an industry I really enjoy."