Musical Theatre Performance Certificate


Musical theatre is one of the most exhilarating art forms on the planet. The unique combination of acting, singing, and dancing allows performing artists to carry audiences to extraordinary heights.

At Hollins, the musical theatre performance certificate offers a toolbox for the student who knows musical theatre will somehow be part of her future, as she prepares to walk into the spotlight on a stage she has built with her own tools.

For Those With an Eye on the Stage

This certificate allows you to accumulate and apply the skills necessary to participate in the world of the musical theatre stage. It provides students with the fundamentals necessary to audition and perform at the academic, amateur, and professional levels based on proficiency and talent. Courses in this program train you to function in an audition, rehearsal, and performance situation with a basic understanding of the music, acting, and dance skills required to succeed.

The Musical Theatre Performance Certificate curriculum consists of courses from the departments of music, theatre, and dance, and it also requires auditioning for university musicals. The program culminates with the capstone experience of an audition intensive, conducted by members of the Hollins faculty and musical theatre professionals.

All of the required courses can fit into a student’s curriculum by satisfying Perspective requirements (part of our general education requirements, called Education Through Skills and Perspectives), major or minor requirements, or elective choices.