Certificate in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums


single-paper-background Eleanor D. Wilson Museum
In the Wilson Museum vault

The certificate in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) Studies gives students from any major the opportunity to connect their studies with a potential career in a cultural heritage field. Our certificate makes graduates stronger candidates for entry-level staff positions in museums, archives, and libraries, as well as for graduate study in a wide range of areas, from information science to public history to museum studies. Regardless of a student’s preferred path, the certificate’s classroom and experiential opportunities enable an academic and practical exploration of, and grounding in, cultural heritage and memory institutions in our society. 

The GLAM Studies certificate program will:

  • Provide students an opportunity to explore potential careers in galleries, libraries, archives and museums, including preparation for a wide variety of graduate degree programs in the GLAM sector (such as Library and Information Science; Museum Studies; and Cultural Heritage Studies).
  • Instill students with a passion and understanding for why cultural heritage organizations matter.
  • Connect students to our strong alumnae/i network in the GLAM sector.
  • Encourage students to analyze the primary role that GLAM organizations play in determining who and what is remembered in our society.
  • Teach students to describe and employ standards and cultural sensitivities for interpreting and preserving cultural heritage materials
  • Share with students approaches for making cultural heritage materials appropriately discoverable and accessible, including the identification of tools to bring a social justice and equity lens to responsibly manage the wide range of cultural heritage materials, from documents to art.


“GLAM has taught me how to effectively present the history I’ve learned and other information to people in different ways.”

Hannah Slusser '24

"Taking the Behind the Scenes at the Library class in the spring of my sophomore year here at Hollins continued to pique my interest career-wise, as I am now considering library science for graduate school. I look forward to taking additional courses for the certificate!

"Students in this certificate should come away with a firm understanding of this field and what it requires. They would know never to write 'I want to work in libraries because I love to read.' Instead, they would have had concrete experiences and taken coursework that would allow them to talk about the practical and theoretical aspects of GLAM work."

"I hope to pursue a career in museums after graduating. The ability to participate in classroom discussions regarding the future of institutions, develop connections with professionals in the field, and learn how to responsibly navigate possible issues in my career made this program appealing to me."

GLAM - handling archive materials
Students handling archive materials in the Hollins Room of the library

Internship Opportunities

Hollins provides internship opportunities across a wide range of cultural heritage organizations, such as:

  • Wyndham Robertson Library, Hollins
  • Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, Hollins
  • Taubman Museum of Art (Roanoke)
  • Historical Society of Western Virginia
  • Science Museum of Western Virginia
  • Roanoke City Public Libraries 
  • Roanoke County Public Libraries  
  • The Salem Museum 
  • Virginia Museum of Transportation  
  • DC Arts & Humanities Collaborative (Washington, D.C.) 
  • International Spy Museum (Washington, D.C.)
  • Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.)
  • Phillips Collection (Washington, D.C.)
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, Va.)
  • White House Historical Association (Washington, D.C.)