Meet Bailey Burger ’26, a HOPE Scholarship Recipient

Meet Bailey Burger ’26, a HOPE Scholarship Recipient

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September 15, 2023

Meet Bailey Burger ’26, a HOPE Scholarship Recipient Bailey Burger '26

In the fall of 2022, Hollins announced a new scholarship that prioritizes lifting the burden of private college tuition for students with financial needs. Designed for students living in the Roanoke area, the Hollins Opportunity for Promise through Education (HOPE) Scholarship program supports young women who wish to pursue a degree with zero tuition debt at Hollins.

Let us introduce another recipient of the HOPE Scholarship program: Bailey Burger, a sophomore at Hollins University. We had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Bailey as she shared her journey to receiving the scholarship, her experiences with Hollins, and her plans for the future.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

I’m Bailey Burger, and I graduated from William Byrd High School (Vinton, VA) in 2022 and am a second-year student at Hollins. I live about 20 minutes away from campus, so I commute daily. I have a twin sister who chose to attend another college, and I appreciate the chance to carve my path at Hollins. I’m a big theatre kid and love being part of a close-knit community.

Q: What are you thinking about studying at Hollins?

I am pursuing a career in history and education. One of my favorite professors is Christopher Florio, who teaches history. His classes are incredibly engaging, and I love the open discussions we can have as a class. It’s helped me become a critical thinker and motivates me to one day teach like that. I’m also really into theatre and will pick up a communications studies minor.

Q: What made you choose Hollins?

When I was exploring my college options, Hollins was the clear winner for several reasons. I considered other schools, but my choice was obvious as I dove deeper into what Hollins had to offer. There was something truly majestic about the campus that drew me in. The atmosphere, the architecture, and the overall vibes of Hollins resonated with me on a personal level. It was more than just a campus; it felt like a place where I could truly belong.

Q: What made you decide to apply for the HOPE scholarship?

My high school guidance counselor introduced me to the HOPE scholarship through Hollins. It was a bit of a game-changer. The HOPE scholarship was refreshingly straightforward compared to the complicated financial aid forms. It offered full tuition and eased the financial burden by a ton. That was a crucial factor that made Hollins an obvious choice for me.

When everything came together, the welcoming campus, the positive vibes, and the financial support from the HOPE Scholarship, it was clear that Hollins University was the perfect fit for my college journey. The decision felt right; I knew this was where I was meant to be.

Q: What does the HOPE scholarship mean to you and your family?

The HOPE scholarship has been a lifeline to both me and my family. It’s not just a financial aid program but a scholarship that has made pursuing higher education at Hollins a reality. It’s gotten rid of the financial burden of attending a four-year university and opened the door to many possibilities for me. It’s helped provide a path for me to get a quality education without the heavy weight of student loans.

Q: What extracurricular activities are you considering getting involved with at Hollins?

Since theatre holds such a big space in my heart, I’d love to join a student theatre organization that will allow me to continue my passion for performing arts. I’m also eager to engage more with the campus community through clubs and organizations like KCC (Kingdom Come Community). Being part of KCC provides an opportunity to connect with individuals who help contribute to a supportive and inclusive community. Hollins offers so many options for extracurriculars, so I’d like to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and broaden my horizons if my schedule allows!

Q: What would you say to other students who are thinking about applying for the HOPE scholarship?

Just do it. Applying for the HOPE scholarship was like a breath of fresh air compared to those FAFSA forms. It’s such a smoother process, and it could make a huge difference in your college journey. The HOPE scholarship is like the golden ticket to Hollins. The campus vibes, the incredible faculty and staff, and the supportive community are like finding your home away from home. Go for it. Apply for the HOPE scholarship and give yourself a chance to experience the magic of Hollins.

Find a Home with the HOPE Scholarship

From education to theatre and communications studies, Bailey is bound to forge her own path forward toward greatness.

Hollins University is dedicated to academic excellence, creativity, belonging, and preparing students for lives of purpose. We foster an environment where young women have the opportunity to become leaders, decision-makers, and cultural shapers.

If you are a young woman living in the greater Roanoke Valley and desire a college degree but worry that tuition costs put this dream out of reach, you have HOPE, the Hollins Opportunity for Promise through Education. Visit our HOPE program website to learn more about the requirements.