Darla Schumm

Darla Schumm

Darla Schumm received her B.A. in interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in history, psychology, and women’s studies from Goshen College, her M.A. in social ethics from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA, and her Ph.D. in religion, ethics, and society from Vanderbilt University. Schumm’s current research focuses on intersections between religious studies and disability studies. She is the coeditor of Disability and World Religions: An Introduction, a textbook on world religions and disability. She has several published articles in this area. She enjoys traveling, knitting, reading fiction, and playing with her son in her free time.

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Areas of Expertise

  • World Religion
  • Religious Ethics
  • Social Justice
  • Disability Studies

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Religion in a Global Context
  • God and the Ballot Box
  • War and Peace
  • Foundations of Social Justice
  • Buddhist Traditions
  • Christian Traditions
  • Jewish Traditions
  • Islamic Traditions
  • Religion, Disability, and Ethics
  • Women in Religion
  • Women in Buddhism
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Literature and Film
  • Theories and Methods of Religious Studies
  • Senior Seminar in Religious Studies
  • Religion and Disability
  • Dining With God
  • Religion and Politics in the Trump Era


  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • M.A., Vanderbilt University
  • M.A., Pacific School of Religion
  • B.A., Goshen College

Publications & Articles

  • Disability and World Religion: An Introduction. Coedited with Michael Stoltzfus. Baylor University Press, 2016
  • Chronic Illness, Spirituality, and Health: Diverse Disciplinary, Religious, and Cultural Perspectives. Coedited with Rebecca Greene and Michael Stoltzfus. Palgrave Macmillan, 2013
  • Disability and Religious Diversity: Cross-Cultural Narratives and Inter-Religious Perspectives. Coedited with Michael J. Stoltzfus. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011
  • Disability in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Sacred Texts, Historical Traditions, and Social Analysis. Coedited with Michael J. Stoltzfus. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011


  • Schumm currently holds the John P. Wheeler Chair.
  • Schumm is the current Chair of the Status Committee for People with Disabilities in the Profession for the American Academy of Religion.
  • She received the Cabell Sabbatical Grant in 2015-2016
  • Schumm served as the Chair of the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion (SECSOR) in 2015 and the President of the American Academy of Religion branch of SECSOR in 2014.
  • She received the Hollins University Herta Freitag Faculty Legacy Award in 2013.

Research Interests

  • Schumm’s current research focuses on the intersections between religious studies and disability studies. She is working on two forthcoming books in this area.