The basis of life at Hollins is honor and trust. The Honor Code, which embodies these ideals, applies to and must be upheld by all members of the Hollins community. Students, in a symbolic commitment to live by the Code, sign an Honor Pledge during their first six weeks at Hollins.

The honor system promotes an atmosphere of honor and trust and is an integral part of the Hollins community.

All members of the Hollins community are bound by the Honor Code; therefore, students are presumed honorable unless their actions prove otherwise.

Honor Code violations include the following:


which includes any statement, action, or behavior that is intended to deceive or mislead. This includes false identification.


which includes but is not limited to taking personal or institutional property without the owner’s consent, both at and away from Hollins.


which includes but is not limited to giving or receiving unauthorized assistance on academic work. This also includes plagiarism.

Failure to report any of the above.