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Alumnae Admission Representative Form


Personal Information
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First name:
Last name:
Last name at Hollins:
Preferred first name:
Class year:
My major(s) at Hollins was:
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Contact Information
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Interest Information
I would like to participate in the following activities as an Alumnae Admission Representative (check all that apply):
Attend Local College Fairs:
Represent Hollins at selected college fairs in your area.
Peak times: April and May, September through November
Contact Prospective Students/Parents through:
personal notes phone calls e-mail
Peak times: September to November and January through May
Accompanying a Prospective Student to lunch or dinner in your area.
Peak times: April through August
Attend and/or Host Admission Events for Prospective Students:
Meet with prospective students and their families.
Peak times: August, October, December, and April
Presenting a Hollins Book Award at a high school with which I am affiliated.
Peak times: throughout the year
I would be willing to contact prospective students regarding the following topics:
academics community service
athletics music and the arts
internships student organizations
Batten Leadership Institute Hollins Abroad programs
if other, please list:
Do not change:
I would like to recommend that the following alumnae be encouraged to participate in the Alumnae Admission Program:
Name: Class year: E-mail:

Name: Class year: E-mail:

How did you learn of the Alumnae Admission Effort?

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Alumnae Magazine
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