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Alumnae Engagement Initiative

Hollins Alumnae Engagement Initiative

Over and over, alumnae tell us how much they want to help Hollins, to share their expertise, to share their stories with prospective students and others, and to give back to an institution that has meant so much to them. As a result, engaging our alumnae network is a cornerstone of the strategic plan, “Connecting Liberal Arts Education and Experience to Achieve Results,” approved by the Board of Trustees in 2012.

The engagement of alumnae in the life of Hollins is critical to the success of the university and the strategic plan.  The Alumnae Engagement Initiative, endorsed by the Board of Trustees and Alumnae Board, and led by Judy Lambeth ’73, seeks to engage all alumnae to:



This multifaceted and multiyear initiative honors and advances the remarkable legacy of women who attended Hollins. It serves and supports our current students and also launches them into a lifetime of active engagement with their alma mater. It will help us attract increased numbers of qualified women who want to pursue a Hollins education and join the Hollins network. We invite you to join us.

Resources and Services for Alumnae/i

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Hollins is committed to helping alumnae/i connect with one another and with the institution in meaningful ways. As part of the Alumnae Engagement Initiative, we are pleased to offer the following resources and services for you:


Classes and Reunion
Communications from Hollins
Hollins Alumnae Association Alumnae Association on Facebook HollinsAlum on Twitter Alumnae group on LinkedIn Alumnae Association on Instagram
Hollins University Alumnae Association on Facebook HollinsAlum on Twitter Hollins Video on YouTube Alumnae Association on Instagram
Hollins Career Center Alumnae Association on Facebook Alumnae group on LinkedIn  


Hollins Information System
Library Resources: Wyndham Robertson Library

Contact the Alumnae Relations office at alumnae@hollins.edu or (800) 846-5371 (800-Tinker1) for assistance.

Career Resources and Training

Learn how the Hollins Career Center can help you, and how you can help students:

Online Career Speaker Series

Job Openings

  • Post job openings at your company on the Career Center LinkedIn Group. Students and alumnae/i can view and respond to you directly.
  • Search for jobs on HU Careers on the Experience Network

Internships for Hollins students

  • Connect a student to an internship
  • Host a student intern during January Short Term
  • Mentor a student interested in your profession

Networking Online

C3: Hollins Career Connection Conference for students

Contact the Career Center at cdc@hollins.edu or (540) 362-6364 for assistance.