The campus security station is located in the lobby of Botetourt Hall. It is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Numbers you should know:

[Emergency] Ext. 6911 or 540-362-6911

connects any campus phone with the security department.
Use it when in need of fire, police, or medical response, or in case of a threat to community safety

[Nonemergency] Ext. 6419 or 540-362-6419

for personal safety escorts and other nonemergency calls.

Emergency Call Boxes

Hollins has 14 emergency phones located at strategic points around the campus. Thirteen have a blue light, visible at night, atop metal or wooden poles. Pressing the red button connects you with the dispatch center.

Residence Hall Security

  • All exterior doors to the student residence halls, except the front doors to Main Building and East Dorm, are locked 24 hours a day.
  • Student rooms in newer residence halls have deadbolts, but some older residence hall rooms have conventional door locks.
  • Student residences have a two-lock system (exterior residence hall door and each student’s room). Students must lock their own rooms.
  • Students must escort their male guests in residence halls at all times.

Building Security

  • Security officers inspect facilities on every duty tour, and write repair orders, Repairs affecting personal or residence hall security are priorities and made as soon as possible.
  • Some university facilities are equipped with video camera surveillance systems and are monitored 24/7 in the security department dispatch center.
  • Although administrative buildings are locked after normal business hours, some academic buildings are open 24/7 for student access. Security officers patrol all 24/7 buildings.
  • The facilities management department maintains university buildings and grounds with concerns for safety and security.

Campus Parking

  • Visitors to the campus may use the reserved visitor spaces in the Library Loop Lot (right turn at entrance) or the Dana/Moody Lot (left turn at entrance).
  • If a visitor space cannot be found or all visitor spaces are in use, visitors to the campus may use any non-reserved space in the various campus parking lots.
  • Visitor parking permits are not required, but may be obtained at the campus security station located in Botetourt Hall.
  • Student guests must obtain a guest parking permit at the campus security station located in Botetourt Hall.
  • Students, student guests, and employees can find current parking information at https://myhollins.sharepoint.com/sites/CampusSecurity