Specialty Houses & Halls

Students apply to live in these houses and halls. For more information about how to apply, please contact current house members, their faculty advisors, or the office of housing and residence life.

Fine Arts (NEFA)
Students living in NEFA, or Near East Fine Arts, work to increase awareness of the fine arts, both on and off campus.

French House
Residents practice speaking French and promote awareness of French culture.

Global Village (Carvin)
The Global Village is for students who have an interest in other cultures, a commitment to share their experiences and knowledge, and a desire to learn from others and work as a community.

Fandom Hall
Housed in West, Fandom is devoted to building a community of students who wish to express their love, or “fanship,” from any fandom (television, books, music, etc.) to the imaginative appeal of fantasy, anime, and science fiction.

Mae Jemison
Math and science majors work together in Mae Jemison to promote campus involvement in everyday science and bring awareness to the importance of women in STEM fields.

Service Learning House (Sandusky)
Committed to community service, Sandusky residents volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours a month and promote service activities on campus and in Roanoke.

Spanish House
Located in Middle East, the Spanish House attracts students who want to increase their oral and written language skills and promote Hispanic culture.

Mind, Body, Spirit (MBS)
MBS residents seek personal balance by finding ways to get themselves and others involved in mental, physical, and spiritual activities in and out of the classroom. All MBS residents commit to maintaining a substance-free living space.

Specialty Housing Dates

Spring 2024

Tuesday, February 13 — Friday, February 16
Specialty Housing Week/Interest table sitting – Moody Lobby

Friday, February 16
Applications open

Friday, March 1
Applications close at 4:30 pm

Monday, March 4 – Friday, March 15

Monday, March 25
Decision letters sent out