Pre-Professional Programs

Creativity and law? It’s not the stretch it might appear to be. Creativity and innovation are essential for pre-law courses, law students and lawyers. That’s why law schools seek students with strong liberal arts backgrounds.


Outside Class - Courtney Chenette - Pre-Law

Preparation for Law School

Pre-law is not a major at Hollins. Students who want to go on to law school can major in anything they like. Still, Hollins recommends taking an array of courses that will help build a solid foundation for law school. Students will find courses that emphasize reading, comprehension, analysis, and writing useful. Our advisors help students find pre-law courses that will best prepare them to get into, and thrive in, law school.

The education I received at Hollins prepared me richly for the challenges I would face as a law student. The dynamic courses offered by the political science department taught me invaluable analytical and research skills — tools that I used daily in law school and that have served me well as a practicing attorney.

Tiffany Marshall Graves '97

My professors, coursework, and internships through Hollins developed the academic and practical skills necessary for me to excel in law school and beyond. The professors challenged me to produce my best work, the classes were varied and engaging, and my internships allowed me to make professional connections that are still benefiting me today.

Lauren Earley

My distinction as a women’s college graduate gave me the tools to excel in law school and to set myself apart from my Ivy League-adorned law school classmates. Hollins gave me a confident voice, a dedication to embodying female leadership, and the skills to deftly navigate the competitive legal job market.

Hollins Graduates and Law School

Hollins students have successfully pursued both full-time and part-time legal study, directly following graduation and with years of professional experience in between, and in some cases earned a J.D. and joint degree or certificate.

Hollins graduates have attended the following schools:
  • University of Alabama Law School (AL)
  • Ave Maria School of Law (FL)
  • Catholic University, Columbus School of Law (D.C.)
  • University of Denver College of Law (CO)
  • Florida Coastal School of Law (FL)
  • Georgetown Law School (D.C.)
  • George Washington Law School (D.C.)
  • Georgia State University College of Law (GA)
  • University of Maryland, Carey School of Law (MD)
  • Mississippi College of Law (MS)
  • University of North Carolina Law School (NC)
  • Northeastern University School of Law (MA)
  • NYU Law School (NY)
  • Pace Law School (NY)
  • Penn State, Dickinson Law School (PA)
  • University of Richmond Law School (VA)
  • University of South Carolina School of Law (SC)
  • University of Tennessee Law School (TN)
  • University of Texas Law School (TX)
  • Tulane Law School (LA)
  • Vanderbilt Law School (TN)
  • Vermont Law School (VT)
  • University of Virginia Law School (VA)
  • Wake Forest Law School (NC)
  • Washington & Lee Law School (VA)
  • William & Mary Law School (VA)