C3: Career Connection Conference


October 24, 2016

The fifth annual Hollins C3: Career Connection Conference was held on October 24, 2016. Alumnae shared how they translated their liberal arts education into satisfying careers and also provide tips, tools, and tricks of the trade to land that first job. Approximately 75  alumnae from a variety of backgrounds returned to campus for this year’s event and shared their expertise from a multitude of fields including the sciences, writing and publishing, business, financial services, education, law, visual and performing arts, and public service.

Photos from 2016’s Conference


keynote speaker

Afira DeVries
President and CEO
United Way of Roanoke Valley

Afira DeVries serves as president and CEO for United Way of Roanoke Valley. Her visionary style and extensive development experience contribute to the strategic direction and credibility of the organization, having generated more than a quarter billion dollars in support of social innovation over the course of her career. DeVries’s education is in public policy and political theory and, after a short lived pursuit of a political career, she realized that her idealistic nature was better suited to the not-for-profit sector. She joined United Way Central Massachusetts as a development officer in 1998 and has since assumed advancing positions with United Way’s of Greater Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, United Way Suncoast in Tampa Bay, and her current organization. DeVries serves as an engaged leader within the United Way system and is viewed as an expert resource and mentor to fundraisers across the country. She is a product development trainer for United Way Worldwide, serves on the Executive Resource Development Committee, and provides consultative sales trainings for United Way’s seeking to evolve to a more relational fundraising model.

What students Learned

  • “Translating the Liberal Arts into a Career” sessions, featuring career women in a multitude of fields including the sciences, writing and publishing, and public service, among others.
  • Special topics designed to facilitate alumnae testimonials and communicate practical skill sets; topics include building an effective resume, money matters, and life after Hollins, among others.
  • Opportunities to “speed network” with a large number of alumnae, as well as engage one-on-one through mock interviews, resume critiques, and conversations about the graduate school application process.
  • Opportunities to engage alumnae in small group conversation before and after the conference on a variety of topics, including how to be a mentor, and the how’s and why’s of year-long service, among others.

2016 c3: career connection Conference

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