Alumnae/i Offer Sage Advice to New Hollins Students

Alumnae, Campus Life

September 8, 2021

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To celebrate the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year, the Hollins Alumnae Association took to social media to ask alumnae/i: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new Hollins students? 

Not surprisingly, the responses were plentiful, creative, thoughtful, and most of all, full of joy and excitement for the newest members of the Hollins family. Here’s a sampling:

“Talk to everyone. These people will be the best friends you’ll ever have.”

“Go to office hours and get to know your professors! They are fantastic human beings in addition to being wonderful instructors.”

“Enjoy your time at Hollins! Those four years will go by so quickly and will be some of the best years of your life. Milk for all it’s worth. Participate in as many traditions/events as possible. And take loooooooots of photos!”

“Make sure to communicate with your classmates and professors! If you’re not understanding a concept, are struggling, or need help, let them know!”

“Go to the new student events with an open mind and heart even if you don’t feel like going. You’ll make some lifelong friends!”

“Follow your passion and learn all you can! Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you.”

“Make good friends…lifelong friendships are the best.”

“Study outside as much as you can as it is likely one of the most beautiful places and views you may ever have while you ‘work.’ And meet as many people as you can – smile and say ‘hi’ to all.”

“It’s okay if you are totally different than how you were in high school. Be open and forgiving to yourself and others. There’s so much change and adjusting for everyone!”

“Just enjoy each other, the campus…Tinker [Mountain], and beauty that surrounds!”

“Take advantage of all that Hollins has to offer including meeting people outside your own experiences. Sit on the porches of Main often just to soak up the beauty of Hollins. Enjoy your time at Hollins because it will fly by fast.”

“Be open minded…everything’s an experience from which to learn, and go to all your classes!”

“Take advantage of everything Hollins has to offer. Do not limit yourself, say yes! Because this is the time to try new things with such a support system to catch you if you fall.”

“Levavi oculos! Make the most of the years you are going to spend in the best place ever. Learn, make lifelong friends, enjoy, grow and…have fun!”

“Read the Student Handbook!!!!”

“Make time for rest, remember to laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously!”

“Gallop horses in the mornings, swim in the afternoons, write poetry in French, plan to take that year or semester abroad, practice piano in Bradley on that fantastic Steinway until security wants to lock up at 9 p.m. (they’ll sit in the back and listen for awhile before checking their watches and telling you it’s over), but most of all: eat the blueberry pie. For breakfast. Eat pie. The best pie ever.”

“Enjoy it all! It feels like forever but goes by so fast.”

“Do all the things you’re afraid to do – go abroad, ride a horse, climb a mountain.”

“Get involved!! Join a club, sport, theatre, music, whatever your interests are. Hollins is what you make it, and so much personal growth can happen if you are willing to take a risk.”

“Treasure this time and use mindfulness to stay present. These years fly by! Don’t worry too much about the finish line, just live in the moment!”

“…the hard classes are the best ones because that’s how you learn, grow and challenge yourself.”

“…remember that college isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

“It’s okay to sleep. There’s no prize for all nighters, take care of your brain.”

“Soak it all up, time there goes by too fast!”

“DO be open to new people, places, ideas, and things. Some of these will surprise, shape, and support you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.”

“Go on a hike! You’ll miss those mountains later!”

“Don’t commit to too much at once. Choose one or two things. Tend to your spiritual life.”

“When you’re having a tough day, look up. The motto isn’t ‘Levavi oculos’ for nothing….”

“Get outside your comfort zone! It’s now or never.”

“Dream bigger than you think possible – you’ll be surprised at what is possible at Hollins!”

“Have a healthy work/play balance…now and forever!”

“Everything you never thought you would do (fencing, hiking, traveling abroad) DO IT!!!!”

“Try one new thing a week!”

“Smile and speak to everyone.”

“Spend time on the porch in the rocking chairs!”

“Come back whenever you can after graduation.”