Through Hollins’ accelerated degree program, you’ll:

  • Save on tuition and other college expenses
  • Get the same world-class liberal arts and sciences education – including internships, research opportunities, study abroad, and leadership training
  • Graduate in three years instead of four

“The three-year accelerated program is a great way for a motivated student to earn a bachelor of arts in a shorter span of time, particularly for those who enter Hollins with AP or dual enrollment credits.”

“Because I graduated high school early with IB credits, it was an easy transition to the three-year program. I have been able to do everything I have wanted to do and more. Plus, I can apply to graduate school and potential jobs that much sooner!”

“During my first year at Hollins, I worked closely with my advisor to develop a plan to pursue a career in psychology. After thoughtful consideration, we refined my plan of action so I could achieve my dreams in three years.”

Sample Three-Year Program

Here’s an example of how you can earn a bachelor of arts* degree in three years. Students may reduce the number of credits needed per term by applying dual enrollment, AP, or IB credits.

YearFall TermShort TermSpring Term
Year 118 creditsYes22 credits
Year 222 creditsYes22 credits
Year 322 creditsYes22 credits

*Additional credits per term are required to earn a bachelor of science or to double major in three years.

 Is the Three-Year Accelerated Program for Me?

Your first-year advisor can help you organize your time and ensure you meet all of your degree requirements in three years.

  • Available to first-time, first-year students
  • You can apply dual enrollment, AP, and IB credits
  • You must maintain a 3.25 GPA your first year, elect a major during the second semester, and successfully complete no fewer than 40 academic credits
  • You must earn at least a 3.00 GPA by the conclusion of the three-year program and take a course load of around 44 credits each year


Contact Michael Gettings, our associate vice president for student success. If you’re a current Hollins student, please speak with your advisor.