At Hollins, you’ll hear students and faculty talking about J-Term, January Term, or Short Term. They all mean the same thing: a month set aside for students to engage in one of a variety of activities. Students see January as an interlude between fall and spring semesters, a time to expand their intellectual and geographic horizons. Test drive a career with an internship, take a travel/study course, or sign up for an engaging seminar.


Learn from the Pros

Hollins students intern everywhere. From law offices to Capitol Hill. From a local television station to MSNBC. From a doctor’s office to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Hollins Interns in DC 2022
Study Abroad and Away

See the World

Students often travel to a variety of countries, including Ireland, Greece, and the Caribbean. During January Term 2023, students traveled to Athens, Greece, and Ecuador.

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Dive Deep in a Seminar Setting

First-year students choose from an array of seminars. Examples of recent courses include “Artificial Intelligence: Science and Speculation,” “Biology of the Dog,” “Effective Listening in the Modern World,” and “Fashion in Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Superhero Movies”

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Independent Study

Take the Lead on Your Learning

Students propose a topic to a faculty member and work independently on a project. Students working on honor theses often use J-Term to do research and writing.