Roanoke Regional Writers Conference

Roanoke Regional Writers Conference IX, 2016

Rescheduled for Saturday, January 30 – tickets still available

Significant changes in format and content will be the rule of the day for the Ninth Annual Roanoke Regional Writers Conference January 23, 2016, at Hollins University’s Dana Science Building in Roanoke. The snow date is January 30.

The conference, which has been held over two days for the past eight years and has featured 24 classes each year, has slimmed down in every respect for the coming year. The entire conference will be contained on Saturday and the number of classes will be trimmed to a more manageable 18. The cost of the conference has also been reduced to $65, including lunch on Saturday in the Hollins dining room.

The new compact nature of the conference comes as a result of consistent requests from those attending. The large number of excellent classes in the past has caused some frustration among those wanting to attend more than six classes. The conference class schedule is spread over six “periods” of three classes each with an hour’s break for lunch and a one-hour introductory gathering for all those registered.

This year’s conference will begin a little earlier than those in the past: 8:15 a.m., with classes starting at 9:30 a.m.

This year’s featured topic is blogging and there will be three classes held for those interested in beginning a blog or improving the one they have (including increasing the following). Other classes will deal with storytelling, fiction, biography, memoir, converting a manuscript to the stage, editing, publishing (traditional and self-publishing), and poetry.




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