Purpose and Power: Women Shaping History

July 9 – 22, 2023

Pre-College program for young women in the Roanoke area –  rising high school juniors and seniors

Provided at no cost to participants, this residential two-week summer intensive will provide an enriching academic experience to students that highlights the depth and breadth of the liberal arts. Through a grant sponsored by The Teagle Foundation, the program offers students an opportunity to stay in the Hollins dorms, enjoy meals in the dining hall, take classes with college professors, and preview college life in a supportive environment. Participants will study how views on women’s agency and gender equality (d)evolved throughout the ages and how these views impact young women’s lives today.

Extended Benefits

In addition to providing an immersive two-week liberal arts-based experience, participants receive extended support through the college search and selection process including:

  • A letter of recommendation from Hollins faculty
  • Mentors from Hollins University throughout college search
  • Support in initiating a college application
  • Education regarding test-optional admission policies, binding and non-binding application types, and demonstrated interest
  • A workshop for students and parents/guardians focused on FAFSA submission after October 1 of the senior year

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does it cost me anything to attend?

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    Participation is completely free to participants, including housing and food expenses for the duration of the two-week program.

  • How are students invited to attend and identified as ‘underserved?’

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    High school counselors will have an opportunity to nominate students for participation or consult with Hollins University regarding individual student applications.

  • How large is the program?

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    The Knowledge for Freedom (KFF) program is capped at 20 students.


Madeline Aliff
Director of Admission and Recruitment Operations


How to Apply

There are two ways for students to apply to the Power and Purpose program. Students can pick one of the following application options:

  • Students can apply to the program directly by filling out this quick online application form.
  • A high school counselor, teacher, or mentor can nominate a student using this quick referral form.

Application or referral deadline: April 1, 2023