Hollins University’s primary concern is the community’s well-being and ability to participate equally in educational and employment opportunities. Within the context of its mission statement, Hollins University strives to recognize human dignity, and is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities to all persons, regardless of sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), race, color, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, age, and political and religious beliefs.

It is the goal of Hollins University that, when possible, individuals have a responsibility to resolve conflicts between or among themselves. Hollins will strive to create an environment that promotes mature discussion and resolution of issues, and expects that the members of the Hollins community will strive to do the same. All members of the campus community should work to understand that what is perceived as unwelcome conduct by one individual may not be similarly perceived by another where differences of attitude, beliefs, experiences, and/or culture apply. If and when, unwelcome conduct is believed to have occurred, internal policies, process, procedures, people, education, and training are in place to report and investigate complaints; provide prompt, equitable, and remedial action to resolve complaints; and provide on- and off-campus assistance and resources to support complainants and respondents.

Submit a Report

If you have been impacted by any Title IX-related, bias, or student conduct-related incident, please submit the online incident report form as soon as possible:

Online Incident Report >


Trina Johnson
Interim Title IX Coordinator
Wyndham Robertson Library

Submit a Bias Impact Report

Incident Report Process

Submitting a Report

NOTE: If you are in crisis or have witnessed a crime, do not submit a report. Please call 911 immediately for all emergencies. For non-emergencies, call Hollins University Campus Security at 540-362-6419. 

If you have been impacted by any Title IX-related, bias, or student conduct-related incident, please submit the online Incident Report Form as soon as possible. Please note that using this form does not replace procedures for filing reports with other university departments (i.e. Title IX, Student Conduct, or Hollins Campus Security).

When you submit a report, please include the following information:

  • the date the incident occurred;
  • the location where the incident occurred;
  • names of any witnesses;
  • detailed account of the incident;
  • pictures or any other documents from individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the incident.

You may submit an incident report anonymously. However, in order for us to follow up and provide the necessary support to impacted persons/groups, we encourage you to include your contact information. All reports are held confidentially to the fullest extent possible by federal and state law. Hollins University strives to honor the wishes of Reporters and/or Involved persons/groups but may need to pursue additional actions to protect the health and welfare of impacted persons and the broader University community.

Online Reporting Notification

We want to make sure our reporting process is thorough and transparent. Once you complete and submit an online Incident Report Form, an email notification will be sent to the Interim Title IX Coordinator or other designated recipient. This person will then review the incident details and determine appropriate next steps.

Not sure if an incident is a violation or how to categorize it? Contact Trina Johnson, Interim Title IX Coordinator, Wyndham Robertson Library, 540-362-6588 or johnsontd@hollins.edu.