“Real housewife” of Minneapolis

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Rebecca Bell Sorensen
Rebecca Bell Sorensen ’95 was one of five glamorous women selected by Mpls.StPaul magazine for its July 2011 cover story, “Our Housewives,” the magazine’s take on the Bravo network’s Real Housewives franchise. After marrying and moving from New York City to Minneapolis, Sorensen described herself as “the queen of transplants.” Although it took some personal initiative to create an active social life in her adopted city, Sorensen was up to the challenge. “People can be really reserved about getting involved in things,” she said in the story. “And I love to be Julie Cruise Director.” In an e-mail to Hollins, Sorensen explained that the alumnae office helped her find her footing when she first moved to Minnesota. “They connected me to another transplant, Allison Baier Totaro ’94, who like me at the time, had newborn boy/girl twins and lived in Edina,” Sorensen wrote. “She was an amazing friend to me and helped me learn the ropes. I will forever be grateful to her. She now lives in Connecticut, but we keep in regular touch and see each other in the summer when we go back to the East Coast.”

Photo: Sorensen and her daughter, Maggie, being prepped for the Mpls.StPaul photo shoot.
Photo credit: Stephanie Colgan

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