Same Horizon, Different View: Reunion 2014

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Same horizon, different view.

In her remarks for her 25th reunion, Katie Gentry-Funk ’89 compared coming to Hollins for reunion with what she saw almost 29 years ago when she arrived on campus as a first-year student. “The buildings looked a little smaller, the landscape and foliage a little richer. There was a sense that our school had somehow transformed. What had not changed was that same anticipation and excitement I felt in 1985 when my view from the backseat told me I was about to embark on an experience that would change and shape my life forever. Today, I was seeing it from the front seat: a slightly different view but from the same horizon.”

It’s an impression no doubt shared by the hundreds of other alumnae who came back to campus in late May. Temporarily set free from “the web of a life lived fully,” in Gentry-Funk’s words, they took time out to celebrate and reconnect. The photos on these pages tell part of the story. See more stories, award winners, and other highlights here.

Alumnae “rocking and relaxing” with President Gray.

Friday night’s dinner at the barn was a fun way to start the weekend for these members of the class of 1994: Valerie Votypka Hershberger, Kirsten Fromknecht Eadie, and Monica Perry Minus.

When I think of us as we walked out of the Hollins gates in 1964, I think of the beautiful lines by the poet Mary Oliver: ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do/with your one wild and precious life?’ It was a question, of course, that none of us could possibly answer. For me, the only plan was to do good and have fun. Lucky for me, it worked out. To this day ‘Do good/Have fun’ is my mission, motto, and brand.   —Sarah Holland ’64, from her remarks during Saturday morning’s celebration

Betsy Christenberry Holleman Burke, Lynn Fifield Black, and Lucy Carothers McRae-Vollet go all out to show off the class of ’64’s “sassy and classy” pink flamingo theme.

Abrina Schnurman-Crook, executive director of the Batten Leadership Institute, leading one of the Saturday workshops.

Meghna Das Thakur ’04, winner of this year’s Distinguished Young Alumna Award, with winners of the Distinguished Alumnae Award: Evelyn Dickenson Swensson ’49, Georgia Murdock Berner ’64, and Carol Lawrence-Beswick ’73. Read a profile of each alumna in class letters.

Suzy Mink, Linda Koch Lorimer, and Trisha Rawls, all class of 1974, applaud their class during Saturday morning’s celebration.

Susan Seydel Cofer ’64 won the Betsy Green Grubbs ’72 Award for making a significant contribution to the arts. An exhibition of her work, organized by Atlanta’s High Museum, was on display in the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum during reunion. See “Art Appreciation” for a photo of her work.

On parade: costumes, props, and class themes. Krispy Kremes, anyone?

Photos by Michael Sink and Sharon Meador

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