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Students held signature internships during J-Term

 During Hollins’ January Short Term, the career section of the umbrella representing the Alumnae Engagement Initiative is paramount. That’s when students are working in the signature internships for which they applied during fall semester. In many cases, alumnae make these internships possible, and often alumnae or parents provide housing. Thanks to generous donors, students engaging in signature internships receive a $300 stipend.

If you’d like to support Hollins’ mission of creating top-level internship experiences for our students, here’s how:

  • Connect a student to an internship.
  • Host a student intern during January Short Term.
  • Mentor a student interested in your profession.

Contact the Career Center at or (540) 362-6364 if you can help. Learn more about the Alumnae Engagement Initiative here.


Alumnae-sponsored internships, January 2014

The Learning Alliance
Sponsor: Susan Dobbs ’63
Intern: Lydia Price ’15
Housing: Susan Dobbs ’63 and a friend

Wye Financial & Trust
Sponsor: Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97
Intern: Thao Nguyen ’15
Housing: Meg Van Den Berg ’75

America’s Test Kitchen

Sponsor: Stephanie Stender ’04
Interns: Cathryn “Catie” Asip ’16, Caileigh Bravo ’16

Atlas Media Corporation

Sponsor: Elizabeth “Missy” Green ’97
Interns: Catherine Doss ’14, Paridhi Rana ’14

Clinton Investment Management LLC
Sponsor: Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97
Intern: Wanyang Wei ’14

Emerald Creek Capital LLC
Sponsor: Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97
Intern: Esther Cheng ’15

The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.
Sponsor: Alexandra Trower ’86
Interns: Pavithra Suresh ’16, Victoria “Tori” West ’15

Gilman Hill Asset Management
Sponsor: Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97
Interns: Nishu Acharya ’14, Chang Xie ’16

Hamlin Capital Management LLC
Sponsor: Suzanne Whitmore ’60
Intern: Alexandria “Ally” Heldreth ’15

jesGORDON/properFUN (event planning)
Sponsor: Christine Han ’09
Intern: Maya Rioux ’16

John Wiley Company & Sons (publishing company)
Sponsor: Amanda Miller ’86
Intern: Alexis “Lexi” Davis ’14

Kaye Scholer LLP (law firm)
Sponsor: Catherine Dapra Zawierka ’02
Intern: Lauren Earley ’16

National Dance Institute
Sponsor: Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97
Interns: Brittany “Bree” Aarons ’16, Chanice Holmes ’15

New York Urban League (nonprofit organization helping disadvantaged New Yorkers gain access to equal opportunity)
Sponsor: Alicia Crosby ’08
Intern: Catherine Graham ’14

Newman Ferrara LLP (law firm)
Sponsor: Courtney Chenette ’09
Intern: Alexandra Pell ’15

Wingo, Inc. (development consulting firm and graphic design studio)
Sponsor: Sarah Holland ’64
Intern: Allison “Ally” Spaulding ’14

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA)

Sponsor: Judy Lambeth ’73
Intern: Abigail “Abby” Sease ’16

UNC Press
Sponsor: Joanna Ruth Harris Marsland ’91
Interns: Katie Gerhardt ’15, Caitlyn Keir ’15

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Sponsor: Clark Hooper Baruch ’68
Interns: Molly Budd ’15, Abigail “Abby” Klein ’15

Office of Delegate Betsy B. Carr ’68, Virginia House of Delegates
Intern: Mercury Hipp ’15
Housing: David and Christine Klein, parents of Emily ’11 and Abigail ’15

RX3 Compounding Pharmacy
Sponsor: Shannon Petersen Currin ’98
Intern: Elizabeth “Beth” Winslow ’15

American Psychological Association
Sponsor: Nathalie Gilfoyle ’71
Interns: Christine Somersett ’14, Devyn Whitlock ’15

American Rivers
Sponsor: Suzy Mink ’74
Intern: Sheila Wangari ’15

Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys
Sponsor: Suzy Mink ’74
Intern: Taylor Morris ’16

Library of Congress
Sponsor: Suzy Mink ’74
Interns: Hilla Haidari ’16, Mandy Moore ’16

National Geographic Society
Sponsor: Jean “Jeannie” Hall Rutherfoord ’74
Intern: Natalie Rambis ’16

The Phillips Collection
Sponsor: Jeannie Hall Rutherfoord ’74
Intern: Gabrielle “Gabby” Awuma ’14

Rosemount Center (early childhood education center)
Sponsor: Suzy Mink ’74
Interns: Schuyler Hughes ’14, Molly Tahmaseb ’14

Washington National Cathedral
Sponsor: Suzy Mink ’74
Intern: Laura Popovich ’15

Tri-State Veterinary
Sponsor (and housing): Jacqueline Manning Chevalier ’01
Intern: Caitlin Culligan ’15


Watch Hollins interns during J-Term 2014


Interns at Estée Lauder

Pavithra Suresh ’16 and Victoria West ’15 had internships with Estée Lauder in New York City sponsored by Alexandra Trower ’86.


Art major Gabrielle “Gabby” Awuma ’14 interned with the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. Her sponsor was Jeannie Hall Rutherfoord ’74.




Hilla Haidari ’16 worked at the Library of Congress in an internship arranged by Suzy Mink ’74, who is senior philanthropic advisor at Hollins.


Brittany Aarons ’16 and Chanice Holmes ’15 at the National Dance Institute in New York City. Their sponsor was Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97.


Elizabeth Winslow ’15 spent J-Term at RX3 Compounding Pharmacy in Richmond, which is owned by the husband of sponsor Shannon Petersen Currin ’98.



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