Robert Sulkin: Photographs 1973—2019

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The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum held a retrospective exhibition of Bob Sulkin’s works early in 2020, a show that presented more than 100 works selected from over 40 years of photography. Sulkin retired from teaching at Hollins at the end of the 2018-19 academic year. His works span the history of photography technology in the 20th and 21st centuries, from glass lantern slides to Photoshop. To Sulkin, “My work deals with the futility of the individual attempting to cope in a technology-driven world spinning out of control. As such, it is a personal response to a world that controls me more and more even as I understand its workings less and less.” In her essay for the exhibition catalog, Assistant Professor of Art History Genevieve Hendricks writes, “A survey of his work gives a point of entry into a universe of cosmic junk, discarded souvenirs, and the fossilized remains of fantastic beasts. These form an extensive cabinet of curiosities, a world which can be visited in waking dreams, both created and discovered through the camera’s lens.”

Construction with flag

“Construction with Flag.” 2005 Archival print.



“Ladder.” 1982.

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