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Hollins Magazine Spring 2011This issue marks the debut of the digital version of Hollins magazine. Although we find that most alumnae still prefer to read a printed copy, people are turning more and more to screens to read magazines and books, and we wanted to make that option available.

One advantage of producing a digital version of the magazine is that we can do some things online that we can’t do in print. Digital magazines aren’t bound by the same kinds of space limitations imposed by print, so on occasion we’ll be able to run longer versions of articles, along with sidebars that help flesh out stories. Digital magazines also permit us to tell stories through video and sound, something we hope to explore in the months to come.

One thing you won’t find right now in the online version: class letters. We have opted to keep those as a print-only option, primarily because we’re mindful of the need to keep your personal news away from the Web spiders that patrol the Internet for information. Printed class letters are not private, of course, but they’re shared with the members of the Hollins community, not disseminated on the World Wide Web.

Because of the nature of the medium, the digital magazine will change over time. We’d like it to be as easy to read as possible, and we’d like it to tell the Hollins story in compelling and memorable ways. To that end, please let me know if you have suggestions on how to make your magazine better.

Many thanks for reading Hollins magazine, online, in print, or both.

Jean Holzinger M.A.L.S. ’11


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