Editor’s Note: Spring 2017 Issue

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As the new editor for Hollins magazine, it’s an exciting new day for me as we move forward and embrace change and reinvention – the theme of this issue. Following the theme, we invite you to complete the survey about your magazine so we find what’s working for you, and what you don’t like, so we can evolve Hollins magazine for future issues.

As we embark on new chapters, as President Gray mentions in “A Privilege to Serve,” we continue to strive for success in all ways through outgoing leadership, and new.

In “Musings on Hollins University President” we see Nancy Oliver Gray’s tenure as 11th president through the eyes of many and how she’s made an impact on those she served. “The Right Leader at the Right Time” by Beth JoJack ’98, gives us a true sense of her distinguished leadership with commentary and photos. A long list of accomplishments and innovative change for the university is detailed in “How Hollins Evolved During the Gray Era.”

Reinvention and the stories behind career and personal transformation for three alumnae are featured in the article by Sindhu Hirani Blume ’93.

A new day is also dawning for Professor of English R.H.W. Dillard and Groundhog Poetry Press, when Martha Park M.F.A. ’15 interviews him and how he welcomes “the best poetry we can find” for publication of works.

Finally, in “Revitalizing our Small Cities,” Associate Professor of International Studies Jon Bohland talks about the Small Cities Institute, an innovative collaboration between Hollins, Virginia Tech, and Roanoke College, that addresses crucial issues with small cities and how to bring about change.

Cecelia H. Crow


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