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Photos at various points in our 175-year history alongside contemporary images show what has and hasn’t changed over the years.

First Tinker Day

The first official Tinker Day, 1895

Tinker Day

Tinker Day


Dancers - 1945

Orchesis, 1945

Hollins dance

Hollins dance


Students, late 1940s

Strolling on Front Quad, late 1940s

Students walking

Students walking on Front Quad


Hollins Abroad 1955

Students on the second Hollins Abroad-Paris program, 1958

Students on Hollins Abroad

Students pose in front of Musée Rodin in Paris


Student on her phone, 60s

Neely Paul Towe ’63

Student in dorm room

Pavithra Suresh ’16


Students celebrating, 1991

Celebrating in front of the Cocke Memorial Building, 1991
Photo by Sky Preece M.A.L.S. ’74

Students cheering

Students cheering at an athletic event


Latin Class, late 19th century

Professor Pleasants and a Latin class, around the late 19th century

Professor Pfeiffer and students

Associate Professor of English Julie Pfeiffer

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