Getting Down to Business in New York City

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With its abundance of internship opportunities, along with the area’s vital Hollins alumnae chapter and network, New York City has long drawn Hollins students seeking Short Term internships.

In January 2016, among the 30 students who traveled there for internships were Amber Markowitz ’17, who interned with the Economic Club of New York, sponsored by Barbara Van Allen ’76; Haley Ortiz ’16, who interned with John Wiley & Sons, sponsored by Amanda Miller ’86; and Andrea Guerra ’16, who interned at Silvercrest Asset Management, sponsored by Judy Morrill ’84.


Barbara Van Allen ’76 | Amber Markovitz ’17

Markovitz, from Mystic, Connecticut, is a business major

amber-barbaraDuring January I had the wonderful opportunity of interning at the Economic Club of New York. My first day of the internship was Barbara Van Allen’s first day as the new president of the club. Over the course of the month I saw her put into place a new structure for the office, and it was amazing to watch her lead the effort. My projects included such activities as researching current and potential members, reviewing their biographies and seeing what path they had taken to get to where they are today. I also presented a social media project I worked on throughout the month. I looked at similar types of organizations, how their websites were set up, and what social media channels they used.

—Amber Markovitz


Amanda Miller ’86 | Haley Ortiz ’16

Ortiz, from Portsmouth, Virginia, graduated with a business major and art history minor

haley-amandaMy internship at John Wiley & Sons under Amanda Miller was without a doubt my favorite college experience. I was able to experience a corporate work style during the day and New York City life at night. Interning under an executive employee had many advantages. Amanda was able to make appointments for me in each division she oversaw. It was obvious that her whole team greatly respected her, a respect that grew deep within me as well. I was treated like an employee and was given tasks with importance. I sat in on multiple conferences with team members on multiple continents and across several seas. I saw the corporate entity from a new perspective, one in which a multinational corporation can only thrive under impeccable leadership from understanding executives.

—Haley Ortiz


Judy Morrill ’84 | Andrea Guerra ’16

Guerra, from Brownsville, Texas, graduated with an economics major and communication studies minor

andrea-guerraI sponsor interns because I believe strongly that Hollins’ mission to link a liberal arts education to career preparation will continue to set us apart. I also love mentoring Hollins students and introducing them to the wealth management business as I did with Andrea Guerra, my intern this past January. Andrea was a self-starter who took on projects in various departments with enthusiasm and professionalism, assisted on the municipal bond trading desk, participated in research and policy meetings, and scheduled her own meetings with my colleagues to learn more about how they do their jobs. I was also able to introduce her to others in my professional network. It was a great experience all around and Andrea is a shining example of what Hollins has accomplished with this program.

—Judy Morrill

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