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A posting late last spring on Facebook.com/hollinsalumnae asking about favorite places on campus elicited enthusiastic and sometimes wistful responses. Here are some of the places you came up with.

rocking chairs, porch of Main
The rocking chairs on the front porch of Main. I often wish that I could just spend five minutes in those chairs again.
Jamilyn Cole ’00

steps of Moody Center
The steps to the Moody Center where I first met Bill Wrobel. Seven years later he became my husband.
Sandra “Sandy” Franklin Wrobel ’91

view from campus road
View from the campus road: the chapel’s spire, the warm glow from the library’s windows, and the first glimpse of East’s porches and Front Quad.
Lisa Bower ’05, M.F.A. ’07

weeping willow tree
Underneath one of the beautiful weeping willow trees that are all around campus.
Tiffanie Elizabeth Luder ’11

Founder's cemetery
Founder’s cemetery. The trek up was invigorating.
Pat Ganase ’73

stone bench in Beale Garden
There was a little stone bench tucked away in the Beale Garden. I used to go there to get away from everything and enjoy a quiet afternoon.
Mary Ratliff ’02

There was a point in my freshman year when the path up on the hill to the cemetery was lined with big bales of hay, some so large you needed a friend to help you up. We ran and fell and somersaulted on those bales until campus got sleepy under the Blue Ridge sunset.
Erica Lauren Bruce ’11

books in Hollins Room of Wyndham Robertson Library
The Hollins Room. Being surrounded by all the alums’ books was always comforting.
Lorrie Grace McCann ’06

locker room in the gym
The locker room in the gym.
Erin Lavender-Stott ’10

tack room in the barn
The tack room at the barn.
Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington ’97

Moody Field
The soccer field. I fell in love with Hollins when I realized I could play soccer and be surrounded by the beauty of campus and the mountains.
Christine Marie Jehu ’06

Botetourt Reading Room
Botetourt Reading Room. Loved reading and working in there with all the presidents’ portraits.
Cristen James English ’99

Back Quad
Back Quad. I used to love sitting on the front steps of Tinker working on homework or goofing off with my friends.
AnnaBeth Fish ’12

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