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Children's literature signpostWhen you see this sign in the Moody/Wetherill Visual Arts Center parking lot, you know it’s summer at Hollins and that the M.F.A. program in children’s literature is in session (after the session ends, the sign lives in the children’s wing of the library). Dreamed up and painted by Ashley Wolff, Lauren Mills, Ruth Sanderson, and Wendy Watson, faculty members in the children’s book illustration certificate program, the sign “aims for picture book locations with an emphasis on American ones, if possible,” according to Wolff.

Take our quiz and match the signpost places with their respective books. For those places that are also book titles, you’ll have to guess the author and illustrator. There are also extra-credit questions for those who really know their way around the children’s literature landscape.

Photo: Albana Moreyra ’14

 Signpost Places

Secret Garden

Name the author

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett


Name the full title; extra credit for naming the author

Title: Bridge to Terabithia
Author: Katherine Paterson

Pooh Corner

Name the author; extra credit for quoting the first verse of Pooh's hum

Author: A.A. Milne
First verse of Pooh’s hum:
“The more it snows
(Tiddely pom),
The more it goes
(Tiddely pom),
On snowing.
And nobody knows
(Tiddely pom), (Tiddely pom),
Are growing.”

The Enchanted Wood

Name the author

Author: Enid Blyton

The Great Green Room

Match the place with the title (you should know the author!)

Title: Goodnight Moon
Author: Margaret Wise Brown ’32
Illustrator: Clement Hurd

Banbury Cross

Name the animal toy in the rhyme

“Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross.”

Haunted Wood

Name the book and author (harder than you think)

Title: Anne of Green Gables
Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery


Name the author and illustrator

Author: Alice McLerran
Illustrator: Barbara Cooney

Woodcock Pocket

Name the full title and author/illustrator

Title: Toot and Puddle: Welcome to Woodcock Pocket
Author and illustrator: Holly Hobbie

An Old House in Paris

Name the title that goes with the place; extra credit for identifying the author/illustrator; extra-extra credit for quoting the opening lines

Title: Madeline
Author and illustrator: Ludwig Bemelmans
Opening lines:
“In an old house in
Paris that was covered
with vines
Lived twelve little girls in
two straight lines…”

Where the Wild Things Are

Name the author/illustrator; extra credit for knowing the year in which the book won the Caldecott Medal

Author and illustrator: Maurice Sendak
Won the Caldecott Medal: 1964

Times Square

Name the full title; extra credit for knowing the author and illustrator

Title: The Cricket in Times Square
Author: George Selden
Illustrator: Garth Williams

Krasinski Square

Name the animal in the full title; extra credit for naming the author and illustrator

Animal: cats (The Cats in Krasinski Square)
Author: Karen Hesse
llustrator: Wendy Watson

There’s more!

The children’s literature graduate program is having a contest to name three more special places in children’s literature. The winning suggestions will be painted by faculty members of the children’s book illustration certificate program. Send your suggestions by October 1, 2013, to Ashley Wolff at ashley@ashleywolff.com. The first person to suggest a particular place gets the credit.

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