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Reunion 2012 class giving

Record breaker:

The class of ’62 won the Tinker Mountain Award for the class with the largest total gift to the Hollins Fund, with $610,085. This was also the largest reunion class gift ever recorded in Hollins’ history. Congratulations, class of 1962, and thank you.

Every gift counts:

The Catherine Orgill West ’51 Award for the class with the highest participation in giving to the Hollins Fund went to two classes: 1962, with 65 percent, and 1987, with 100 percent (this includes some classmates who made gifts on behalf of other members of ’87).

Young guns:

The class of ’02 won the Hollins Rock Award for the class among the ten most recent classes with the highest Hollins Fund participation, with gifts from 28 percent of the class.


Reunion class giving as of June 30, 2012*

Class Reunion Gift Chairs Total Gift Percent
1942 $1,673 28%
1947 $3,700 27%
1952 Betty Greer Cauthen $49,469 63%
1957 Carol Wallace Sherman $54,335 48%
1962 Nancy M. Dick; Susie Marckwald Mackay $610,085 65%
1967 Mim Hayllar Farmakis $276,676 50%
1972 Mary Louise Persons Hoss; Lisa Valk Long $134,765 44%
1977 Elise Hobbs Schramm; Craige Pepper Victor $62,565 22%
1982 Carol Silberstein 

30th Reunion Gift Committee
Jennifer Tuttle Arnold
Judy Cleaver Catanese
Heather DeBoest
Kay Parnell Grisham
Newnie Rogers
Kate Orr Tomkinson

$90,465 26%
1987 25th Reunion Gift Committee
Paige Smith Jernigan
Barbara Teresko Karstrom
Mary Sowell Shelmire
Jennifer Sokolosky
$44,193 100%
1992 Samantha Smith; Alyce Wellons 

20th Reunion Gift Committee
Cheryl Newberger
Claire Tynes

$15,515 27%
1997 Sallie Cosby Hess; Anne Holland Polk 

15th Reunion Gift Committee
Teah Martin Bayless
Susan Coblin
Missy Green
Erin McKinney Johnson
Jessica Clark Meade
Erica Pandapas Myatt
Holly Peterson
Heather Pierce
Lea Bernal Sims

$11,362 31%
2002 Ginger Ann Clark Hughes; Alicia Kemnitz; Jessica Manack $17,817 28%
2007 Becca Barron
Shaneka Bynum
Meg Culp
Turcan Hockaday
Katie Lowe
Hope Swenson Pankake
Nessa Ryan
$4,790 20%
2010 Tiffany Brown; Erin Lavender-Stott $20,939 23%

*Award winners are listed in bold.

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