Why Hollins Stands Out

16 Reasons to Choose Hollins

1. Hollins is just the right size.

Nestled in a rolling green meadow bounded by the Roanoke Valley, the Hollins campus is beautiful, the residents are friendly, and our students come from 38 states and 21 countries. The average class size is 11, and the student:faculty ratio is 9:1.

2. Hollins students explore.

Every January, Hollins students study a single subject through independent research, an internship, or another immersive experience. It’s called J-Term, and it’s simply the best way to go all in and explore a potential career or particular passion.

3. Hollins students learn outside Hollins.

By graduation, almost 60% of students have had an international experience, 78% have completed internships, and all have great experiences to share with family and friends—and prospective employers, too.

4. Hollins writers rule the page.

Generations of famous authors sharpened their creative writing skills at Hollins, including four Pulitzer Prize winners, a recent U.S. poet laureate, and even the author of Goodnight Moon. The Roanoker magazine says: “The Roanoke Valley has a history of being writer-friendly, primarily because of the presence of Hollins University, which has been called ‘Pulitzer U.’ Annie Dillard, Henry Taylor, and most recently, U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey have won the U.S.’s top writing prize.”

5. Hollins women take the lead.

The Batten Leadership Institute (BLI) helps you develop your style as a leader by working closely with faculty and visiting experts. You will learn skills in managing conflict, negotiating, making decisions, and giving as well as receiving feedback. Whether you wish to lead the charge or serve strategically from the middle, you will be ready.

6. Hollins graduates get to work.

Within a year of graduation, 90 percent* of our grads either have a job or are in graduate or professional school.

*Based on 2016 graduating class