What Are the Secrets to Success at Hollins?

photo of students in classroom


We asked 18 accomplished upper-class students this question during their training last fall as First-Year Seminar Student Success Leaders. The answers were fascinating:

  • Before a quiz, return to the classroom at night to review your notes and the professor’s words will spring back to mind.
  • Make a homework pact with a friend and hold each other to it.
  • Always begin the term by putting all your projects and deadlines on a big calendar that shows the whole semester.

Some may call these “lifehacks” or “tips and tricks,” but whatever you call them, they are habits that contribute to success.

During Fall Term 2017, Hollins kicked off its first full year of initiatives devoted to student academic success and well-being. Recognizing that academic success results from a mixture of effort, perseverance, good habits, health, and more, Hollins is supporting students’ success by focusing on well-being. Students learned about the effects of nutrition and sleep on academic performance in their physical education classes; academic departments held meetings where majors shared advice about how they have found success within the major; and the aforementioned student success leaders worked with all new first-year students to help them build a foundation for success at Hollins as soon as they entered college.

One of the pieces of advice first-year students found most useful: go talk with your professors – they are nice and want to help!

Part of the Hollins magic has always been the supportive and intellectually nurturing environment among students and professors. Our new efforts will reach students earlier and more broadly. To help, please encourage your student to take advantage of Hollins resources and to remember to rest, eat well, and use the tools we know lead to success!