Empowering your Daughter

We suggest that you work with your daughter over the summer to help her begin thinking about taking responsibility for herself in college without having to rely on you as much as she has in the past. Here are some suggestions to help both you and your daughter prepare for this time of transition.

  • Encourage your daughter to use all resources at her disposal to handle situations on campus before you intervene. If she has an academic issue or a problem with a roommate, encourage her to talk with a staff member or instructor first.
  • Encourage her to create a filing system for important documents such as receipts, financial forms, bank statements, medical records, and materials related to her academic record.
  • Reinforce the importance of keeping appointments, showing up on time for classes, work, and other activities, and being aware of important dates (drop and add, registration, final exams, first day of classes, breaks).
  • Urge her to keep a daily planner for homework assignments, test dates, and other important dates on Hollins’ academic calendar.
  • Urge her to read the student handbook, which she will receive at new student check-in.
  • Instill basic concepts related to handling business matters such as getting names and phone numbers of people with whom she speaks about academic, financial, health, and other matters.
  • Allow your daughter to take control of her personal health. Encourage her to seek medical attention when she needs it and to make her own medical appointments.
  • Make sure she knows how to take care of basic needs, such as doing laundry and keeping track of her belongings.
  • Remind her to observe personal safety practices, including locking doors, traveling in groups, walking in pairs in well-lit areas, letting people know where she is going when leaving campus, avoiding drinking and driving or riding with a driver who has consumed alcohol.