Horizon Seminar

Those of you who are taking college courses for the first time, or who have been out of formal education for a number of years, are encouraged to enroll in a special seminar designed for you entitled “Women and Technology.” This course is restricted to Horizon students and will focus on developing certain skill areas that will help you succeed academically. The instructor of the class, Professor Edwina Spodark, will serve as the students’ academic advisor. Here is a description of the course:

“Women and Technology: Discovering Your Inner Geek”: Love it or hate it, we all end up using technology.  For as long as we have records, women have used technology. This course will allow us to explore the role of technology in our lives today. We will also be using computer technology to expand our powers as students. “Women and Technology: Discovering Your Inner Geek” is a course about the process of discovery. You will discover why you need to know about spreadsheets and databases, as well as how to breakdown your school workload and that required research paroject into manageable chunks. You will discover that a whole host of women before you have explored, invented, and discovered things that have revolutionized the world. You will discover that there are a lot of people who are exploring and forging their paths here at Hollins just like you – one day at a time. You will discover that you CAN do this and that there are people here who are enthusiastically dedicated to helping you.

edwina-spodarkEdwina Spodark, Professor of French, earned her B.A. at Northern Illinois University, her M.A. at Marquette University, and her Ph.D at Northwestern University. A Medieval/Renaissance French scholar, she took a page from the renaissance men and women that she had read about for years and broadened her research interests to encompass using technology to teach foreign languages and studying the Millennial and i generations. At Hollins since 1982, she teaches courses on French language, foreign language teaching methodology, Québec, Medieval/Renaissance French Literature, and cultural understanding. In addition to the technological goodies she uses all the time at home  –  a Surface tablet with Windows 8.1, an iphone 5s, her fourth Kindle (a Paperwhite this time!),an iPad HD and a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7-  she enjoys spending time with her husband, Bill, and their fuzz-boy, Cooper (a large, goofy Golden Retriever with a serious Milkbone habit).  Her other interests include Virginia Tech football (yes, even now) and working out regularly at the Botetourt Athletic Club.  She is also an active member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an International Honor Sorority for women educators.

The course fulfills the Applied Research Technique “r” skill of our Education through Skills and Perspectives general education program. If you are interested in registering for this course, which will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-12:00 in the fall, please contact Mary Ellen Apgar, director of the Horizon program, at apgarme2@hollins.edu.