Hollins Happenings by Hanna Strauss, SGA President

Photo of Hanna StraussI want to thank you all for allowing me the privilege of working as the 2018-2019 Student Government President. This semester has been full of success and reminded me why I chose Hollins almost four years ago. Our university has grown in student involvement, community vibrancy, and all aspects of our lives on campus.

Each semester, student government reaches out to the community for new applicants and members. This semester has been full of class cabinet elections, appointment board interviews, and applications. This semester, we have also gained new members through Academic Policy Board (AcPol), Honor Conduct and Appeals Board (HCA), and the Hollins Activity Board (HAB). Welcome to all of our new members and student leaders!

As a community of student leaders, we have worked to make Hollins a more vibrant space through HAB and SGA events. The class of 2019 held a robe decorating event before an exuberant First Step the day before classes began. HAB and the Office of Student Affairs brought back the silent disco, ‘HAB’oween, and Patty O’Parties. All of which bring vibrancy and excitement to the community.

I also want share with all of you the projects and accomplishments of my peers and the students that I am honored to have grown with over the past three years. In our final year, the class of 2019 has been developing what a liberal arts education means at Hollins University. Two students from the biology department, Kate Kirkpatrick and Lainey Metz, are working hard to count and categorize tiny plastics collected from the sands of an island in the Caribbean. In the English department, Abby Parks is working on an intensive honors thesis exploring the image and treatment of Eve in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost. These students represent different forms of success and are exactly what I love about Hollins University.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your year and are able to meet some of the students that I have had the honor of getting to know during my time on this campus.

Hanna Strauss ’19