Greetings from President Lawrence

Photo of President LawrenceWelcome to our first family newsletter of the academic year. I am honored and deeply humbled to have the privilege of serving as Hollins’ 12th president. I find the university’s mission compelling as we develop future leaders, creators, policymakers, and citizens who understand their social responsibility and serve the communities in which they live.

At Hollins we are committed to giving your student the foundation to grow, transform, and lead a life of consequence. We strongly believe that education is the very foundation of human flourishing and our democracy. It is still one of the fundamental ways in which the American Dream is attainable.

We know that you have made an investment in your student’s education at Hollins. We hold that investment in high regard. We are committed to our students’ growth both personally and collectively so that they can go on and productively impact their communities and the world within their spheres of influence.

My first year at Hollins is in full swing and I am grateful to be supported by our terrific faculty and staff. At the same time, I am relishing the opportunity to build relationships with our campus community. After I took office, I soon discovered that our students are simply amazing in so many ways and are engaged in extraordinary activities, both inside and outside the classroom. Living and working closely with them is making me a better president and a better person.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in Hollins. I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events on campus and learning more about your dreams for your student.


Pareena G. Lawrence