Career Center: Preparing Students for Meaningful Work in a Fulfilling Life

Photo of Karen CardozoAfter two decades in career counseling, administration, and teaching at eight different colleges, I am delighted to join Hollins as executive director of career development. Jobs, industries, lifestyles, and even weather are changing faster than ever before, in ways that we just can’t predict. Yet, while many traditional jobs are being lost to automation, entrepreneurship has exploded. Unprecedented opportunities are available for innovative people who can respond to unmet needs. We must support students in forging their own paths because they will be exploring frontiers we ourselves have never seen.

At Hollins, we know employers value the critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural literacies that are the hallmarks of a liberal arts education. We cultivate resilient people who can analyze and adapt to changing circumstances. Our Career Center educates and supports students through every year of the college experience. One of the highlights is the active involvement of our dedicated alumnae network, which includes initiatives ranging from the sponsorship of exciting internship opportunities to actively mentoring students through special events such as our annual Career Connection Conference (C3).

I am deeply impressed by the caring commitment of the Hollins community, and eager to partner with families and colleagues on and off campus to ensure that all students get the most out of their education.

Karen Cardozo
Executive Director of Career Development