Addressing the Spiritual Needs of All Students

Photo of duPont Chapel


Although Hollins has no religious affiliation, I minister to the spiritual needs of all our students, whether they follow a religious tradition or not. By offering a listening ear as a student shares a problem, supporting someone experiencing grief, teaching spiritual practices for coping with anxiety, or mentoring seniors through the process of vocational discernment, I seek to be a resource and advocate for student development, self-care, and holistic well-being.

Our office’s mission is to guide students to seek connection, explore spirituality, and serve in faith. Through student groups and clubs like Better Together and student chaplains, we encourage community-building and promote diversity and inclusion. Religious students can find or start clubs to grow their faith and can attend worship services on and off-campus. Holy days from various religious traditions are celebrated within our multi-faith duPont Chapel. Weekly Sanctuary gatherings invite students of all backgrounds to share their faith stories, encouraging collaborative learning and respectful listening.

Spirituality is a proven tool for dealing with stress and building resilience, and it is emphasized through weekly sessions and ongoing contemplative practices. Through these endeavors, we nurture our own spirit and recognize our connection to one another and the world around us. This inspires acts of service throughout the year such as supporting hunger relief and poverty intervention initiatives.

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life finds inspiration in the university’s motto, Levavi Oculos, taken from Psalm 121. “We lift our eyes up” to seek the source of our help and strength and to nurture our individual and communal well-being by integrating the mind, body, and spirit within the life of the university.

Rev. Jenny Frazier Call
University Chaplain and Director of the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life