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  • Hold Still by Sally Mann

    Books by Hollins authors: Summer 2015

    Sep 1 | Bookshelf | | Comments Off on Books by Hollins authors: Summer 2015


  • Alumnae Connections

    Alumnae Connections

    Sep 1 | Alumnae Connections | | Comments Off on Alumnae Connections

    Alumnae referrals raced past goals Goal: 300 | Total: 320 This past academic year, the offices of admission and alumnae relations challenged alumnae to refer 300 high school students....

  • Elizabeth and James McDonnell III

    Focus on Philanthropy

    Sep 1 | Giving, Homepage | | Comments Off on Focus on Philanthropy

    $6.5 million for science, theatre, and playwriting McDonnells continue their legacy of generosity Elizabeth Hall McDonnell ’62 and her husband, James S. McDonnell III, have committed $6.5...

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