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And I Still Love You

…And I Still Love You: The Art of Loving Imperfect People
Danielle Branche-Brown 2012
Branches of Life LLC, 2020


The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl #1 (American Horse Tales)
Michelle Jabès Corpora M.A. 2008
Penguin Workshop, 2021


How Journey Came To Be a Tiny House for Me

How Journey Came To Be A Tiny House For Me
Hannah Leigh Doss 2011
Independently published, 2020

Writers by the River

Writers by the River: Reflections on 40+Years of the Highland Summer Conference (Contributions to Southern Appalachian Studies, 51)
Donia Eley M.A.L.S. 2010 (editor with Grace Toney Edwards)
McFarland, 2021

Tales the Devil Told Me

Tales the Devil Told Me
Jennifer “Jen” Terry Fawkes M.F.A. 2010
Press 53, 2021

What Isn't Remembered

What Isn’t Remembered
Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry M.F.A. 2010
University of Nebraska Press, 2021

Kissing a Tree Surgeon

Kissing a Tree Surgeon
Eleanor Levine M.F.A. 2007
Guernica Editions, 2020

Anya Seton: A Writing Life

Anya Seton: A Writing Life
Lucinda Hardwick Mackethan 1967
Chicago Review Press, 2020

Jimmy's Rules

Jimmy’s Rules
Mike Mayo M.A. 1971
Coffeetown Press, 2021

Better with Butter

Better with Butter
Victoria Piontek M.F.A. 2014
Scholastic Press, 2021

The Art of Fiction

The Art of Fiction
Kevin Prufer M.A. 1994
Four Way Books, 2021


Everyone Worth Knowing

Everyone Worth Knowing
Jeff Richards M.A. 1976
Circuit Breaker Books, 2021


The Last Romantic War

The Last Romantic War
Robin Traywick Williams 1972, M.A. 1976
Dementi Milestone Publishing, 2020


What a Wonderful World This Could Be

What a Wonderful World This Could Be
Lee Zacharias M.A. 1973
Madville Publishing, 2021

Lanier's Run

Lanier’s Run
Honey Hutson 2007
Darkling Press (Kindle edition), 2020

The Organ Thieves

The Organ Thieves: The Shocking Story of the First Heart Transplant in the Segregated South
Charles “Chip” Jones M.A. 1989
Simon and Schuster, 2020

When It Was Grand

When It Was Grand: The Radical Republican History of the Civil War
LeeAnna Keith 1990
Hill and Wang, 2020

Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly: How Sylvia Townsend Became the Bookmobile Ballerina (with Lea Lyon)
Alexandria Lafaye M.A. 1998 (as A. Lafaye)
HarperCollins, 2020

Strange Skin

Strange Skin
Christine MacConnell 1996, M.A. 1998
Independently published, 2019


The Character Edge

The Character Edge: Leading and Winning with Integrity
Michael Matthews M.A. 1977 (with Robert Caslen Jr.)
St. Martin’s Press, 2020


Wanting Radiance

Wanting Radiance: a novel
Karen Salyer McElmurray M.A. 1989
South Limestone, 2020

A Sinister Quartet

A Sinister Quartet
Amanda J. McGee 2010 (with Mike Allen M.A. 1994, C.S.E. Cooney, and Jessica P. Wick)
Mythic Delirium Books, 2020

Pixelated Practices

Pixilated Practices: Media, Ritual, and Identity
Christopher Peyton Miller M.A.L.S. 1990; C.A.S. 2010
Wipf & Stock, 2020

The Music Book

The Music Book
Karen Osborn 1979
Livingston Press, 2020

How Aircraft Carriers Work

How Aircraft Carriers Work
Candice Ransom M.A. 2007
Lerner Publications, 2019

How Fighter Jets Work
Lerner Publications, 2019

Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Lerner Publications, 2019

A Home for All Seasons

A Home for All Seasons
Danielle Rollins 1990
Rizzoli, 2020

My Private Property

My Private Property
Mary Ruefle M.A. 1976
Wave Books, 2020

Wave Books, 2019

Murder Outside the Lines

Murder Outside the Lines (Pen & Ink)
Cristina Ryplansky 1979 (as Krista Davis)
Kensington, 2021

The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit (A Domestic Diva Mystery Book 14)
Kensington Books, 2021

Big Little Spies (A Paws & Claws Mystery Book 7)
Penguin Group, 2021

A Luke of All Ages

A Luke of All Ages and Fire and Ice: two novellas
Mark Saba M.A. 1983
Adelaide Books, 2020

A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy

A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy (with Mell Stanfill)
Anastasia Salter M.F.A. 2011
University Press of Mississippi, 2020

Boop and Eve's Road Trip

Boop and Eve’s Road Trip
Mary Helen Sheriff Raper M.F.A. 2008
She Writes Press, 2020
(Winner of the American Fiction Award for coming-of-age novel.)

Ravage the Dark

Ravage the Dark (Scavenge the Stars book 2)
Tara Sim 2011
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Good Work

Good Work
Matthew J. Spireng M.A. 1971
Evening Street Press, 2020
(Winner of the 2019 Sinclair Poetry Prize.)

Kachina's Rose

Undina’s Spell: A Sparkle Fairy Tale
Ayn Cates Sullivan 1982
Infinite Light Publishing (Kindle edition; print replica), 2020

Kachina’s Rose (A Sparkle Fairy Tale)
Infinite Light Publishing, 2020

Elevating the Human Spirit

Elevating the Human Spirit: The Architecture of Glavé & Holmes
(with H. Randolph Holmes Jr.)
Henrika Dyck Taylor 1984
Glavé & Holmes Architecture, 2019

The PostNuptial Agreement

The Postnuptial Agreement of Nomura’s Jellyfish & Anaphora
Tammy Tillotson M.A.L.S. 2008
Independently published, 2020


Game Changer

Game Changer
Angela Norton Tyler M.A. 2009
Fiction Cosmetics, 2020

The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread
Rachel Vaughan 2010
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., (Kindle edition), 2020

April Fireball

April Fireball
Tom Whalen M.A. 1971
Black Scat Books, 2019

Murder, In Fact

Murder, in Fact
Lana Whited M.A. 1983
McFarland, 2020

Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam

Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam (with Kyle Longley)
Jacqueline Whitt 2003
Routledge, 2020



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