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  • Early Birders

    Sep 6 | Featured | | Comments Off on Early Birders

    Participants in this year’s reunion bird walk were rewarded with the sights and sounds of several of the species that make their home on campus. By Jean Holzinger M.A.L.S. ’11 At 6:30...

  • The Way Life is Lived

    The Way Life is Lived

    Sep 5 | Featured | | Comments Off on The Way Life is Lived

    In her new memoir, Mary Carter Bishop M.A. ’89 brings to light a family secret and explores the pressures—cultural, religious, and economic—that kept it hidden so long. By Martha Park...

  • What Makes Ticks Tick?

    What Makes Ticks Tick?

    Sep 5 | Featured | | Comments Off on What Makes Ticks Tick?

    Hollins researchers partnered this summer with Old Dominion University and the University of Richmond to better understand these parasites and how they spread Lyme disease. By Jeff Hodges...

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